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It is estimated that each person uses nearly 80 to 100 gallons of water at home, every day. A large part of this water is consumed to brush, shower, wash utensils and wash clothes. While you, like most people are conscious about the quality of water you drink, do you really know if the water you use to wash and bathe is good enough? You have the right to know!!

Assert the right to clean water with üje smart devices

üje is an IOT powered smart filter and water quality monitoring app for homes, multi-facility buildings, bungalows, residential complexes, hospitals, hotels, and wellness centres.

  • Consult üje to assess water quality and know what filtration solution is best for you
  • Get impurity-free water for utility (bathing and washing) – safe for your hair, skin and overall health
  • Installing üje water softener will prevent scaling in your bathroom appliances and plumbing infra to keep it healthy
  • Clean water extends the service life of devices like water heaters, geysers, and dishwashers
  • Use prefiltered water and protect your RO drinking water systems
  • Monitor the water health in real-time using üje smart app
  • Get timely updates on your smart app for a worry-free maintenance of the device

Common utility water impurities that the üje devices can remove:

  • All sediments, sand, silt, and dirt
  • Any unpleasant odor
  • Harmful contaminants like calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and chlorides
*Not sure about the type of filtration solution you need? Contact üje consultants for guidance.


Say goodbye to hard water problems
With üje’s Smart Filter and Water Quality Monitoring Application